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Looking for friends from India around Burbank area...[View Complete Thread] Ritu J. General 4/2/2022
best of indian grocery stores in usa...[View Complete Thread] dhavani p. General 12/6/2021
looking for apartment...[View Complete Thread] Preethika A. General 7/10/2021
Looking for Indian friends in the Orange county area to hangout...[View Complete Thread] Jebaraj V. General 6/12/2021
New to Thousand Oaks - Need room suggestions...[View Complete Thread] Pavan K. General 5/19/2021
Roomates and friends in santa monica...[View Complete Thread] Sakshi J. General 3/2/2021
Moving to Huntington Beach ...[View Complete Thread] Jyothi K. General 10/11/2020
Female friends in and around Pasadena...[View Complete Thread] Garima L. General 9/28/2020
Any indians living in cedar creek...[View Complete Thread] Rajesh S. General 9/4/2020
West LA...[View Complete Thread] Lady K. General 1/20/2020
H4 dependent visa ...[View Complete Thread] Shrutika U. General 1/17/2020
Hindu Temple Pooja/Parsadam schedule...[View Complete Thread] Mayank G. General 12/17/2019
Any Telugu families in or around Irvine...[View Complete Thread] Narmada  S. General 10/29/2019
Looking for Telugu friends (female) in Irvine ...[View Complete Thread] Narmada  S. General 10/8/2019
People around Pasadena...[View Complete Thread] Vikram C. General 9/10/2019
Indian Friends...[View Complete Thread] Preeti T. General 9/9/2019
Would need some help in deciding on housing and school...[View Complete Thread] Krishnamurthy B. General 8/26/2019
Looking for Indian Families and school...[View Complete Thread] Indira P. General 8/11/2019
Indian Community Apartments...[View Complete Thread] Shweta C. General 8/6/2019
Friends in Downtown ...[View Complete Thread] ANKIT P. General 7/30/2019
Looking for Indian Families in Playa Vista area...[View Complete Thread] Mayank B. General 7/27/2019
Looking for Friends around pasadena...[View Complete Thread] Sangita S. General 7/20/2019
Indian cooking lady...[View Complete Thread] Jay  S. General 7/9/2019
Looking for new apartment around universal city with Indian community presence....[View Complete Thread] Deepthi C. General 7/5/2019
Indian family near south Pasadena ...[View Complete Thread] Sangita S. General 6/19/2019
Need info on Apartment...[View Complete Thread] RAJENDRA A. General 5/11/2019
Indians in pico rivera?...[View Complete Thread] Kishneet  K. General 1/31/2019
Looking for new friends in woodland hills...[View Complete Thread] Shruti S. General 1/30/2019
Apartments near by Colton or corona...[View Complete Thread] Kadar S. General 11/27/2018
Looking for Indian families in Los Angeles...[View Complete Thread] Shweta S. General 11/17/2018
Indians around gardena ...[View Complete Thread] P J. General 11/14/2018
Looking for friends and/or playdates...[View Complete Thread] Octavia D. General 11/5/2018
Looking for a room...[View Complete Thread] Vikas t. General 10/29/2018
Looking for Indian families in Los Angeles...[View Complete Thread] Shweta S. General 9/24/2018
Need info...[View Complete Thread] Raj S. General 8/28/2018
Looking for friends ...[View Complete Thread] Swati M. General 8/23/2018
Any Indian families in and around Alhambra...[View Complete Thread] Kavitha V. General 6/27/2018
Looking for friends for in laws...[View Complete Thread] Amita g. General 6/21/2018
Looking for female friends in/around pasadena...[View Complete Thread] Garima L. General 6/14/2018
America the beautiful 2018 : National parks and federal recreation Land annual pass - need used passes ...[View Complete Thread] San K. General 6/12/2018
Need accommodation in Culver City....[View Complete Thread] Sonika Z. General 12/17/2017
Need friends ...[View Complete Thread] Manosree M. General 12/14/2017
Apartment to live for 3 Months...[View Complete Thread] Rajendra M. General 10/20/2017
Indians in and around pasadena ...[View Complete Thread] Jayashree S. General 9/29/2017
Looking for malayalee Friends in Long Beach...[View Complete Thread] Ashlin P. General 9/25/2017
Arts adn crafts...[View Complete Thread] Shalini K. General 9/14/2017
Tamil Friends in Elsegundo...[View Complete Thread] Shalini K. General 9/14/2017
Moving to LA..Looking for an apt in or around Thousand Oaks.or...[View Complete Thread] sunil s. General 9/5/2017
Moved to LA...[View Complete Thread] Naga A. General 8/20/2017
Free curry leaf plant seeds ...[View Complete Thread] Ranja G. General 8/11/2017
Looking for someone to make rotis and parathas near Pasadena / San Gabriel valley...[View Complete Thread] Nikhil A. General 8/10/2017
Simi valley apartments and elementary school...[View Complete Thread] Shoba S. General 7/15/2017
Pasadena Schools...[View Complete Thread] Ramakrishna A. General 6/30/2017
Help - private elementary school...[View Complete Thread] sachin a. General 6/18/2017
Interior design , architecture & autocad ...[View Complete Thread] Nandana N. General 5/24/2017
Best school suggestion for my kid...[View Complete Thread] CAA W. General 5/15/2017
Amla / Gooseberry / Nellikkai...[View Complete Thread] Shank K. General 5/1/2017
Receive money from india...[View Complete Thread] Suraiya Z. General 3/27/2017
Need your valuable suggestions!! Pls...[View Complete Thread] Venkat S. General 3/17/2017
Anyone going to Delhi soon?...[View Complete Thread] Lady K. General 3/9/2017
Where to buy gold jewelry in LA...[View Complete Thread] Sharmi P. General 2/24/2017
Please help!...[View Complete Thread] Avinash R. General 2/10/2017
Anyone staying in Azure Glendale apt...[View Complete Thread] Shilpa C. General 1/28/2017
Moving to Ontario in Jan17...[View Complete Thread] Rohit R. General 1/4/2017
H4 visa...[View Complete Thread] Shivani M. General 12/9/2016
Indians in glendale...[View Complete Thread] Gaurav M. General 10/16/2016
Indian music band / jamming...[View Complete Thread] Sanjay K. General 10/15/2016
need a car to buy...[View Complete Thread] Nani B. General 10/12/2016
Girls!! Holding H4 visa. Suggest something to utilize the time...[View Complete Thread] anusha M. General 10/10/2016
Looking for 2bhk in Tustin/ Irvine/ Santa Ana or nea by area....[View Complete Thread] anusha M. General 10/10/2016
santa clarita indian culture group...[View Complete Thread] Ranja G. General 9/22/2016
Room needed...[View Complete Thread] mehar r. General 9/8/2016
Can anyone plz suggest a place to stay with Indian community? I am new to CA..and looking for an apartment near to Long beach/Cerritos/Artesia...[View Complete Thread] Snehal Y. General 9/3/2016
job...[View Complete Thread] Mayur S. General 8/23/2016
Looking for shared accomodation -Irvine / Orange County...[View Complete Thread] chaitanya kumar k. General 8/22/2016
Woodbridge Villas...[View Complete Thread] chaitanya kumar k. General 8/22/2016
Need a party hall in Glendale...[View Complete Thread] Gayathri S. General 8/22/2016
Need Accomdation...[View Complete Thread] Karthik G. General 8/22/2016
1 bhk apartment with indian community 10-12 miles from downtown...[View Complete Thread] Namrata P. General 8/20/2016
Need a Roommate (female) in Glendale...[View Complete Thread] Prathyusha B. General 7/26/2016
Cricket!! or Sports Glendale or Burbank...[View Complete Thread] Deven S. General 7/15/2016
Female Indians in palms ...[View Complete Thread] Naaz G. General 6/29/2016
Lost Passport / Need help to apply new Indian passport...[View Complete Thread] Raja T. General 6/20/2016
Slingbox...[View Complete Thread] Fernando L. General 6/7/2016
Need a shared room for rent...[View Complete Thread] chaitanya k. General 6/6/2016
Need cook in Fullerton...[View Complete Thread] Kabi P. General 5/29/2016
shipping TV to india...[View Complete Thread] Pc R. General 4/18/2016
Please Advice..Looking for 1 BHK near Playa Vista, LA...[View Complete Thread] Naresh D. General 4/17/2016
Looking to purchase a used Japanese vehicle. Looking for a reliable and affordable car. ...[View Complete Thread] Sean S. General 4/7/2016
Looking for a Bank in Los Angeles with lots of atms, no monthly maintenance fees, and just for individual checking and savings account. Thank you!...[View Complete Thread] Sean S. General 4/2/2016
Looking for Female Indian Rooomates in Montebello/Monterey Park...[View Complete Thread] Nik S. General 2/28/2016
Looking for a job...[View Complete Thread] JAYASREE R. General 1/8/2016
help wanted...[View Complete Thread] Nisha H. General 12/28/2015
Indian Community groups in LA...[View Complete Thread] Mukesh V. General 12/8/2015
Indian roommate needed for sharing near LAX...[View Complete Thread] Ajay M. General 12/6/2015
Vegetarian Home made food delivery...[View Complete Thread] Neepa M. General 10/21/2015
Apartments in Irvine with Desi community presence...[View Complete Thread] Amit P. General 10/20/2015
Indian Motel ...[View Complete Thread] Vraj M. General 10/13/2015
Need room for rent ...[View Complete Thread] Madhu C. General 9/27/2015
Anyone who can take care of my kid after school ...[View Complete Thread] Asha R. General 9/20/2015
Cost of living...[View Complete Thread] Saikat B. General 9/16/2015
New to LA...[View Complete Thread] Navin J. General 9/11/2015
Inexpensive Indian grocery...[View Complete Thread] S M. General 7/31/2015
Looking for roomates to share apartment in Seal Beach or Long Beach area...[View Complete Thread] super p. General 7/9/2015
Moving to simi valley...[View Complete Thread] Sandhya naidu G. General 6/29/2015
Apartment search...[View Complete Thread] Sia B. General 5/30/2015
Looking for accomodation...[View Complete Thread] Mitesh J. General 5/14/2015
Indian food near Huntington Beach...[View Complete Thread] Anil B. General 4/7/2015
Moving to Irvine, CA...[View Complete Thread] Mona A. General 3/23/2015
Goat meat in Orange County...[View Complete Thread] Happy 1. General 3/21/2015
Relocating from New Delhi to LA...[View Complete Thread] Deepali  s. General 3/17/2015
Indian Cook?...[View Complete Thread] Anisha B. General 3/8/2015
Moving to Baldwin Park....Where to live?...[View Complete Thread] Nilesh T. General 2/27/2015
Best Doctor in woodland hills for annual check up...[View Complete Thread] S@ N. General 1/26/2015
Looking for a single room in Santa Ana or surrounding areas...[View Complete Thread] Vidya R. General 1/23/2015
apartments...[View Complete Thread] Babitha C. General 1/22/2015
Need an Apartment or an Room in/near Culver City...[View Complete Thread] Purvesh P. General 1/14/2015
Looking for Apartment in populated Indian Community...[View Complete Thread] Virendra J. General 1/7/2015
Want information about area ,school and apartment...[View Complete Thread] Rekha N. General 12/28/2014
Looking for a shared accommodation ...[View Complete Thread] abhishek g. General 12/27/2014
Need of all ur help to find a safe place to move...[View Complete Thread] Beena S. General 12/9/2014
Need accommodation near pacific avenue long beach...[View Complete Thread] Sandeep V. General 8/17/2014
Need Apartment in culver city...[View Complete Thread] Ramesh N. General 8/4/2014
Driving Test Route ...[View Complete Thread] Nilam G. General 7/14/2014
Looking for Apartment with Indian family with rent around 1000 in & around woodland hills...[View Complete Thread] Senthil Rajan R. General 7/13/2014
Accomodation Near to UCLA...[View Complete Thread] rajesh g. General 7/12/2014
Looking for female frns...[View Complete Thread] Nilam G. General 5/27/2014
Good Schools in Irvine...[View Complete Thread] Brahannayaki S. General 5/5/2014
Moving to El Segundo...[View Complete Thread] Nilam G. General 5/2/2014
Looking for QA tester jobs in Los Angeles, CA...[View Complete Thread] M M. General 2/26/2014
Calif State Constitution Amendment SCA5...[View Complete Thread] helen M. General 2/25/2014
Moving to LA...[View Complete Thread] Elizabeth T. General 1/13/2014
jobs in LA...[View Complete Thread] sheetal s. General 1/6/2014
Need Rental apartment in Torrance...[View Complete Thread] Ankit P. General 11/5/2013
Looking for a part-time cook in Santa Monica...[View Complete Thread] Aliya D. General 10/11/2013
Confused about the Charter Elementary School...[View Complete Thread] Nilekha P. General 6/24/2013
Trying for a safe and comfortable apartment in and around Northridge and Encino...[View Complete Thread] Nilekha P. General 6/22/2013
Need to find good apartments in Encino...[View Complete Thread] Nilekha P. General 6/21/2013
Apartments...[View Complete Thread] Radhakrishna R. General 6/4/2013
Looking for Accommodation El Segundo Direct Tv. Please help!!...[View Complete Thread] Krishna K. General 5/8/2013
Family looking for apartment around Long Beach...[View Complete Thread] Vaibhav E. General 5/7/2013
Anyone around Long Beach- Do contact...[View Complete Thread] Karthik S. General 4/1/2013
Need accomodation on separate/ shared basis...[View Complete Thread] Pooja G. General 3/15/2013
Indian Home Day Care...[View Complete Thread] Subha K. General 3/13/2013
visiting los angels...[View Complete Thread] vimala m. General 3/7/2013
Any Indian families around Stanton/santa ana/buenapark/south coastmetro?...[View Complete Thread] oc d. General 1/11/2013
moving to LA ...[View Complete Thread] sri r. General 12/11/2012
carpool...[View Complete Thread] zarin a. General 11/21/2012
Any Indian Family in or near Alvern Street...[View Complete Thread] Mahasweta b. General 10/21/2012
Fresh Fish Market/ Frozen fish...[View Complete Thread] Mahasweta b. General 10/21/2012
Companion for Mother 70s, female Hindi/punjabi...[View Complete Thread] Jay K. General 10/21/2012
Moving to CAc...[View Complete Thread] Sap O. General 10/18/2012
Indian Family around CulverCity, Motor Ave,National Blvd, Overland Ave etc near 90034,90230...[View Complete Thread] MAYANK T. General 8/27/2012
Any Indian Family Near Zip 90034 - National Blvd...[View Complete Thread] MAYANK T. General 8/27/2012
Any one from Cypress/Buena Park...[View Complete Thread] desi g. General 8/27/2012
Any one from Cypress/Buena Park...[View Complete Thread] desi g. General 8/26/2012
hey..any1 from TORRANCE??d...[View Complete Thread] akansha d. General 8/16/2012
Advice required...[View Complete Thread] Sri P. General 8/16/2012
Indian blouse stitching...[View Complete Thread] Preetham V. General 7/25/2012
Any Indian faimly staying near whilshire blvd ,LAre...[View Complete Thread] pramod k. General 7/14/2012
Need Help For Apartment Near Whilshire Blvd,LA...[View Complete Thread] pramod k. General 7/14/2012
Looking for a job...[View Complete Thread] Amit B. General 7/12/2012
Looking for Roommate...[View Complete Thread] Mayukh R. General 7/10/2012
Anyone with a IT consulting firm...[View Complete Thread] Mohammed M. General 7/8/2012
Desis in Orange county, Cypress/Westminster/Anaheim area...[View Complete Thread] desi g. General 7/2/2012
Looking for Apt in Irvinewith Indian community...[View Complete Thread] Yasmeen P. General 5/31/2012
CAR scam - need help...[View Complete Thread] Meenakshisundaram M. General 5/22/2012
Heloo..Ladies in LAo...[View Complete Thread] ritu s. General 5/17/2012
Average Salary for a family of 3 for sustainance...[View Complete Thread] Rajeshkumar Y. General 5/11/2012
Any Indians in Palmdale/lancaster?...[View Complete Thread] Moving P. General 4/10/2012
NEED ACCOMMODATION in LA near USC...[View Complete Thread] Garima S. General 4/9/2012
Has India Shining made you want to move back to India?...[View Complete Thread] Emily M. General 4/7/2012
Would like to meet persons with QA Analyst/Software Analyst professionals...[View Complete Thread] Mohammed M. General 3/25/2012
Indian Community Apartment in WoodLand Hills, CA.re...[View Complete Thread] Balajee K. General 3/23/2012
Rental apartments in Anaheim Hills...[View Complete Thread] desi g. General 3/21/2012
Aparment search -indian community...[View Complete Thread] Ravisankar B. General 3/17/2012
Indian Community apartments in Anaheim/Cypress OCre...[View Complete Thread] desi g. General 3/15/2012
Pediatrician in Torrance...[View Complete Thread] RT G. General 3/14/2012
Ladies in OCc...[View Complete Thread] Shobhna N. General 3/8/2012
Urgent need for apt in or around culver city...[View Complete Thread] Poornima R. General 3/7/2012
indian community apartements in burbank ca...[View Complete Thread] Poornima R. General 3/6/2012
Indians in 92683 or 92708d...[View Complete Thread] Shobhna N. General 2/28/2012
Any one from LAX... ...[View Complete Thread] vijey kumar k. General 2/24/2012
Telugu Fun Event Feb 25th - who is attending?...[View Complete Thread] Jagadeesh G. General 2/22/2012
Meetup Ideas for all Telugu people in and around Anaheim, Orange County...[View Complete Thread] desi g. General 2/12/2012
New to Irvine ...[View Complete Thread] Sajal B. General 2/7/2012
Desi People Anaheim,Westminster,Garden Grove, Irvine.a...[View Complete Thread] Shobhna N. General 1/30/2012
Indians in Anaheim...[View Complete Thread] desi g. General 1/4/2012
Cricket ...[View Complete Thread] Sreedhar R. General 12/1/2011
Indians Living around Angels stadiumc...[View Complete Thread] euronymous a. General 10/20/2011
New to Anaheim Hills...[View Complete Thread] SEO  W. General 10/20/2011
Looking for room in El Segundo City for me @ $ 500 (per month)....[View Complete Thread] Raghuraman R. General 10/3/2011
Moving to West LA ...[View Complete Thread] Sanjay D. General 9/25/2011
Torrance-Apartments...[View Complete Thread] Priya G. General 9/9/2011
Exchange Stundent Needs Housing ...[View Complete Thread] Guy C. General 9/2/2011
Where do punjabi live in Los Angelesc...[View Complete Thread] sonu k. General 8/23/2011
Any Indians in esperanza Irvine...[View Complete Thread] salma S. General 8/22/2011
Renew India Passport...[View Complete Thread] Amit S. General 8/12/2011
moving to LAc...[View Complete Thread] Doss T. General 7/29/2011
Looking for a house/roommate (female)...[View Complete Thread] Meghana G. General 6/26/2011
Internship in LA...[View Complete Thread] Niketa P. General 6/20/2011
Moving to LAc...[View Complete Thread] piyush c. General 6/17/2011
Higher education...[View Complete Thread] venkat r. General 6/17/2011
Need single bed apt for sublet in santa ana/Irviner...[View Complete Thread] ANAND P. General 6/8/2011
Research Participation...[View Complete Thread] Arpana G. General 6/2/2011
Looking for a TV/FIlm Job anywhere in US...[View Complete Thread] S P. General 5/17/2011
Research Participation ...[View Complete Thread] Arpana G. General 5/2/2011
Let me know any one travaling from LA to Hydrabad r...[View Complete Thread] Suresh D. General 4/27/2011
Looking For a Job in LA near Rosemead...[View Complete Thread] Suresh D. General 4/22/2011
Any suggestion on apartments near elementary schools...[View Complete Thread] M S. General 4/17/2011
Santa Clarita Desi Indian Community women meet up group...[View Complete Thread] Santa Clarita Desi Women group V. General 3/29/2011
Valencia Desi Women meetup group...[View Complete Thread] Santa Clarita Desi Women group V. General 3/29/2011
Moving to LA. Any recommendation on apartments to live?...[View Complete Thread] A T. General 3/19/2011
looking for co-passenger from hyderabad to los Anglesa...[View Complete Thread] Suresh D. General 3/7/2011
Need rental appartment in LONG BEACHc...[View Complete Thread] Richa G. General 3/1/2011
Any Indians In The Gallery NoHo aparments Northhollywood...[View Complete Thread] Archana b. General 2/17/2011
Laya Actress Info....[View Complete Thread] Srini C. General 2/15/2011
Anyone visited SaaS Tax Services?...[View Complete Thread] sunder k. General 2/14/2011
new to LA archstone aprtmnts warner cntr woodland hills...[View Complete Thread] hema  k. General 2/4/2011
New to LA ...[View Complete Thread] Sangeeth S. General 1/2/2011
i want to buy my dad a computer in india...[View Complete Thread] savitri k. General 11/18/2010
Punjabi Classes...[View Complete Thread] Kul D. General 10/17/2010
Indian style baby swing...[View Complete Thread] amod s. General 10/15/2010
Pre schools in breao...[View Complete Thread] Sowmya D. General 9/29/2010
Any Indian families near Cerritos/Artesia?...[View Complete Thread] Priya S. General 9/9/2010
Any Indian family in Woodland hills,CA...[View Complete Thread] Divya J. General 8/24/2010
Looking out for a Job...[View Complete Thread] jasmine m. General 8/6/2010
Looking for accomodation in Carlsbad around Fermi Court...[View Complete Thread] vikram K. General 8/2/2010
Looking for a Car - 2003-2006 - Altima/Accord/Camry...[View Complete Thread] Sameer S. General 6/15/2010
Indian Community in Monrovia...[View Complete Thread] Pravin R. General 5/8/2010
Any Indian families living in Santa Monica / Culver city...[View Complete Thread] Little F. General 5/7/2010
Any Indian families living in Santa Monica / Culver city...[View Complete Thread] Little F. General 5/7/2010
Indian Comunity in Riverside...[View Complete Thread] Riverside C. General 4/12/2010
Indian community within 10 miles of west hollywood ...[View Complete Thread] deepika k. General 4/5/2010
Indian Neighborhood in West LA?...[View Complete Thread] sid l. General 2/20/2010
UCLA Undergraduate Resear...[View Complete Thread] Susan S. General 10/20/2009
Free room in exchange for contribution to household or other work....[View Complete Thread] Rajoshi S. General 6/23/2009
Shared accomodation near Huntington beach area...[View Complete Thread] Ragavan T. General 5/29/2009
Apartment rent near 90062d...[View Complete Thread] Pra k. General 5/4/2009
Which Apartment in LA most Indians live?...[View Complete Thread] vikky m. General 4/12/2009
New to LA...[View Complete Thread] Shaiz R. General 10/9/2008
Approxiamate 2 BR home rent around Bevelly Area (+10 mile)ore<...[View Complete Thread] Parakh K. General 7/29/2008
New to LA Area...[View Complete Thread] Shwetha A. General 9/9/2007
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