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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
06/28/1787 Sir Henry G W Smith, leader of British-Indian forces, was born.
06/28/1857 Nana Sahib proclaimed himself as the Peshwa and called for the total extermination of the British power of India at Bithoor.
06/28/1883 Shivprasad Gupta, social reformer, politician, leader, philanthropist, freedom fighter and educationist, was born at Varanasi.
06/28/1921 Sahityaratna P. V. Narsingh Rao, former Prime Minister of India, was born.
06/28/1924 Jamshedji Framji Madan ( J. F. Madan ), founder of Madan & Co. and Parsi Theatrical Company, passed away on June 28 at Calcutta.
06/28/1928 Baburao Sadvelkar, famous painter, was born.
06/28/1972 Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis died. He was the first founder of Indian statistical Institute to receive world recognition. In 1958, he started his national sample surveys. A Sample survey means assessing a situation by studying a part of it which would represent the whole, some of his proposals were included in the second five year paln. His original work made him elected as fellow of the Royal society in 1945.
06/28/1975 Netherlands gives independence to Dutch Guyana, which becomes Suriname; one third of Hindus (descendants of Indian plantation workers) emigrate to Netherlands for better social and economic conditions.
06/28/1975 As a response to anti-government demonstrations, India imposes the toughest press censorship since independence.
06/28/1986 Accord with Mizo National Front; Lal Denga to be the chief minister of Mizoram.
06/28/1986 Union Government sanctions maternity leave for unmarried women employees too.
06/28/1991 K. Doraiswamy, a senior executive of the Indian Oil Corporation, was kidnapped by Kashmir ultras.
06/28/1993 A multi-millionaire industrialist, main financier of smuggler Veerappan,and 6 Veerappan-men arrested.
06/28/1995 Madhya Pradesh in central India is designated a `tiger state' to protect the animal from poachers and settlers.
06/28/1996 India opens its office (based in Gaza city) in the area under the Palestinian Authority.


Other Historical Dates and Events
03/19/1995Vinaychandra Maudgal, founder of Gandharva Mahavidyalay of Delhi and music expert, passed away.
06/20/1574Akbar himself left Agra.
04/05/1944221 Advance Base Depots laid down their lives to repulse several waves of Japanese attacks and succeeded in safe evacuation of Ordnance stores to an alternate site.
01/16/1992For the first time in a decade, India decides to import one million tonnes of wheat.
12/16/1994Pratap Singh Rane of Congress (I) takes oath of office.
02/19/1956Acharya Narendra Dev, the veteran freedom fighter, revolutionary, thinker and Chairman of PSP, passed away.
04/14/1469Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev, was born on Baisakhi in a Khatri family in Talwandi Rae Bhoe in Pakistan, known as Nankana Sahib. Guru Nanak's birthday has been traditionally celebrated on Katik Poornamashi. Althought the correct birth date has been established as Vaisakh 1 (April 14), it will continue to be celebrated on Katik Poornamashi until such time as it is changed to Vaisakh 1. (Most Sikhs in the present day consider themselves members of a separate religion.).
07/28/1924Many deaths were reported and several villages were destroyed due to floods in the south.
06/21/1940Keshavrao Baliram Hedgewar, politician and founder of Rashtriya Swayansewak Sangh (RSS), passed away.
11/23/1897Nirad Chandra Chaudhuri, writer, was born.