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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
Humayun crossed the Indus and captured Lahore and ousted Sikandar Suri of Delhi throne.
6/22/1880 Nilmoni Phukan, greatest social reformer, prolific writer of Assam, poet, editor, journalist and lawyer, was born at Dibrugarh, Assam.
6/22/1897 The Chafekar brothers, Damodar and Balkrishna, shot British Officer Rand in Pune. This event played a very important role in the revolutionary freedom fighter.
6/22/1898 The last total Solar Eclipse of 19th century was seen in India.
6/22/1910 Mohommed Hussain `Azad', great Urdu poet, eassy writer and critic, died.
6/22/1917 Mohy-id-Din Hajini, famous Hindi writer and professor, was born at Kashmir (Hajin).
6/22/1920 Chandrasekhar Trimbak Sarwate, cricketer (batted in 9 Tests for India 1946-52), was born in Sangor, Vidarbha.
6/22/1935 Vaman Viswanath Kumar, cricketer (useful Madras leggie who only played 2 Tests), was born in Madras.
6/22/1940 Netaji Subhashchandra Bose established the 'Forward Block' after differences with Congress leaders.
6/22/1944 British 14th army frees Imphal, Assam.
6/22/1948 Emperor of India title was deleted from His Majesty the King of United Kingdom's titles.
6/22/1955 Sadashiv Garpatrao Shinde, cricketer (12 wkts in 7 Tests for India), died at the age of 31.
6/22/1959 Iyengar Kasturi Srinivas, great politician and journalist, passed away.
6/22/1971 Habib Muhammad died.
6/22/1975 National Emergency was declared and censorship introduced.
6/22/1982 19 persons were killed and 25 injured when an Air India Boeing 707 from Singapore via Madras crashed at Bombay.
6/22/1991 M. Karunanidhi, DMK President, resigned from the Assembly.
6/22/1993 JPC draft report raps B. Shankaranand and censures Manmohan Singh.
6/22/1993 Ordinance to amend Consumer Act was issued; Government doctors and hospitals were kept out of its ambit.
6/22/1993 The centre bans the use of 12 pesticides.
6/22/1994 Law for the betterment of women introduced.
6/22/1994 L. V. Prasad, father of South Indian film industry, died.
6/22/1995 India and International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) sign MOU enabling them to visit suspected militants and persons in detention centres only under humanitarian consideration.
6/22/1996 Saurav Ganguly scores 131 at Lord's on Test debut.


Other Historical Dates and Events
2/1/1917Samar Roy, cricket Test Umpire for 6 tests from 1961-70, was born in Bengal.
8/15/1918Hans Kumar Tiwari, famous poet and translater, was born.
4/7/1998Soli Sorabjee is appointed Attorney-General of India.
5/4/1959Nehru rejects proposals that India and Pakistan resolve their differences and set up a common alliance against Communist China.
3/26/1972The first International Sanskrit Conference was held by President V.V Giri.
11/6/1913Mohandas K. Gandhi, leader of Indian Passive Resistance Movement, was arrested for leading Indian miners march in South Africa by British troops.
11/5/1996United Front suffers a setback with one of its constituents, the Madhya Pradesh Vikas party, deciding to walk out and merge with Congress (I).
3/22/1915Dr. Nagendra, famous hindi critic, was born.
11/8/1948Nathuram Godse confesses to murder of Gandhi but denies conspiracy.
3/9/1994Devika Rani Roerich, the first lady of the Indian screen, died at the age of 87 years in Bangalore.