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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
01/28/1846 British forcibly separate Kashmir from the Sikhs and sell it to the Maharaja of Jammu for 1,000,000 pounds after the Battle of Allwal.
01/28/1853 Jose Marti, great author and politician, was born at Cuba.
01/28/1865 Lala Lajpat Rai 'Punjab Kesari', great valiant freedom fighter, social reformer, humanitarian and lawyer, was born in Dhudike village of Ferozepur district, Punjab.
01/28/1877 Pulin Bihari Das, revolutionary journalist, passed away.
01/28/1894 Anandibai Prabhakar Jayawant, famous Hindi writer, was born at Baroda.
01/28/1895 Shankarrao Dattatray Dev, veteran Congress leader, Gandhian and Sarvoday leader, was born.
01/28/1898 Nivedita, an Irish lady of Scottish descent, came to India.
01/28/1900 General K.M. Cariappa, first Indian Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army, was born at Sanivara, Santhai (Coorg).
01/28/1902 Gandhiji left for Rangoon visit. Stays for a month with Gokhale at Calcutta. Returns to Rajkot and settles down to practise.
01/28/1911 The famous Hope diamond, once worn by Marie Antoinette, was bought tonight for over $300,000 by Ned McLean, son of John McLean. Mrs. McLean wore it as a head ornament, guarded by a former Secret Service man who in turn was guarded by two private detectives. Walnut-sized and exquisitely blue in color, the 44.5-carat stone stems from India. Its owners included Louis XIV, Louis XVI, and a London banker named Hope. A sinister history of ill luck, madness, and violent death clings to the unique gem.
01/28/1925 Raja Ramanna, fourth President of Indian Atomic Energy Commission, was born.
01/28/1933 India in Waldorf Hotel in London read out a four and a half page note in Cambridge.
01/28/1937 Suman Kalyanpurkar, famous singer, was born.
01/28/1950 Supreme Court of India was inaugurated.
01/28/1951 Kashmir issue taken up in UN security council.
01/28/1961 Foundation-stone of the first factory of H.M.T. wrist watches laid in Bangalore.
01/28/1976 Erapalli Prasanna takes 8-76 to rip through New Zealand at Eden Park.
01/28/1984 Dozen's of Sikh Militants arrested in India's troubled Punjab State after terrorists killed 3 people and injured 31 in grenade attack.
01/28/1984 Sohrab Meherwanji Modi, famous drama and film producer, director and actor, passed away.
01/28/1992 Umanath Vachaspati, Magsesey Award winner, passed away.
01/28/1996 Dev Kanta Baruah, first President of former Congress, passed away at New Delhi at the age of 82.
01/28/1998 All 26 accused, who stood trial in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, were sentenced to death. A designated Judge of the TADA court in Chennai found them guilty.
01/28/1999 Central Zone won the Deodhar Trophy, defeating South in their final in Agartala.
01/28/2000 Indian junior cricket team wins the Youth cricket World Cup.


Other Historical Dates and Events
05/12/1999Arunachal Pradesh Governor refuses to quit.
04/17/1996Indian Railways bars AIDS patients from using trains.
11/18/1991In the by-elections, Congress gets 8 Lok Sabha seats and suffers rout in UP assembly, while BJP gets absolute majority.
07/23/1904The Great Indian Peninsula Railway started First Class restaurant cars on its mail trains.
07/30/1883Badridas Goenka, famous industrialist, was born.
04/03/1932Boycott of British goods was so widespread that 70\% of cotton products were now thought to have come from Japan.
05/12/1949S Vijaya Laxmi Pandit, first woman foreign ambassador, was received in US.
12/01/1932A round-table conference on India fails to reach an agreement at London.
03/19/1973Mine explosion in Bihar kills 47.
10/09/1997Forest brigand Veerappan kidnapped 21 persons and later released 13 tourists. He detained six people --Dr. Mythi of Indian Institute of Horticulture Research Centre, Bangalore, two drivers, pumpset attender and two photographers.