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Parenting & Kids

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A Days Sample Diet Plan for a Five Year old Child (Parenting & Kids)
Diet in Childhood (Parenting & Kids)
The rapid growth which occurs in foetal life and during infancy is followed by a long period of gradual growth during childhood. This is the time when the child starts exploring ...
5 Things Parents can do to enhance Learning in their children (Parenting & Kids)
Reading Read out stories to your child everyday. This will strengthen their vocabulary as well as enhance their imagination, to say nothing of valuable Parent-Child bonding time. Out...
Ashiana Dhillon
How to make a picky child to eat healthy food (Parenting & Kids)
"Doctor, do you have medicine that can make my child to eat healthy food, I really long for the days when I fed my child baby food and was able to control his eating habits"-the common phrase, that e...
Dr. Sejal Shah
Is your child playing outdoors? Importance of outdoor play! (Parenting & Kids)
Is your child getting time to play outdoors? Or has playing moved indoors?Playing outdoors is vital, just like food, clothing, shelter and a good night’s sleep; it’s an essential part in child develop...
Dr. Sejal Shah
Questions to Ask a Nanny (Parenting & Kids)
We get lots of discussions and classifieds regarding hiring a nanny. Your child''''''''s care is of utmost important to you so you need to hire a person that can take the best care of your child. We...
Car Safety Tips for Children (Parenting & Kids)
Though car seats and safety belts are important and were designed to save children from severe injury during an accident or sudden jerk , they aren't the only things parents should look out for when k...

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