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Historical Event on 6/22/1993

The centre bans the use of 12 pesticides.

Other Historical Dates and Events
10/19/1921Pandurangshastri Athvle, founder of 'Swadhyay Pariwar', was born.
3/20/1602United East India Company of the Netherlands i.e. Dutch East India Company was chartered by States-General of Holland. During its 96-year history, it became one of the world's most powerful companies.
3/25/1931Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi matyred in Hindu-Muslim riot at Kanpur. He was also the Editor of weekly 'Pratap'.
6/1/1944Liladhar Jagudi, well known Hindi poet, passed away.
8/29/1994Tusharkanti Ghosh, world famous Indian journalist, passed away.
5/27/1930Jayaprakash Narayan, Labour Research Cell, arrested after Dandi March.
7/28/1914Japanese boat 'Kamagata Maru' was compelled to deport to India from Vancouver, Canada. The ship was boarded with active freedom fighters who were against the British Government.
3/31/1998T. N. Mishra became the director of Central Bureau of Investigation (till 04/01/99).
10/10/2000The world's first elected woman Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike died of heart attack in Colombo.
12/11/1999Gopalakrishna Gandhi, former High Commissioner to South Africa, is conferred the honorary doctorate by the University of Natal, Durban, South Africa.