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Historical Event on 4/21/1996

Sanjay Thapar of the IAF (leader) becomes first Indian to parachute down to geometric North pole and unfurl the flag.

Other Historical Dates and Events
4/1/1992ESI ceiling of Rs. 3000 comes into effect.
11/8/1965British Indian Ocean Territory formed.
1/15/1934Nearly 20,000 lives were claimed in a tremendous earthquake measured 8.4 on the Ricther Scale, in Bihar and parts of Nepal. Munger City was completely destroyed.
2/16/1962General Election ( 3rd) of India begins.
7/6/1998Moshood Abiola, the detained Nigerian politician and presumed winner of the 1993 elections, died in Abuja.
3/23/1911Indranath Bandopadhyay, Bengali comedy writer and journalist, passed away.
11/16/1887Padmacharan Patnaik, famous Orria poet, was born.
3/11/1689Sambhaji, Shivaji's successor, who was captured at Sangameshwar, was assasinated in the prison of Aurangzeb by Mughal officer Muqurab Khan.
1/6/1976Baliram Bhagat elected Lok Sabha Speaker.
8/11/1956The Lok Sabha passed the States Reorganisation Act.