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Historic Visit: Renowned Wellness Guru His Holiness Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj Brings Healing and Harmony to Los Angeles

Contributed by : Cristina Trujillo
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Press Release For Immediate Release | January 26, 2024

Historic Visit: Renowned Wellness Guru His Holiness Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj Brings Healing and Harmony to Los Angeles Until Mid-February
In an era where global peace and individual healing are paramount, His Holiness extends an invitation to cleanse anger, anxiety, and fear.

Los Angeles, Calif. - January 26, 2024 - His Holiness Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj, a beacon of transformative teachings on inner peace and holistic well-being, is currently in Los Angeles, offering exclusive invitations until mid-February. His visit to Los Angeles comes at a crucial time, offering a unique opportunity for the community to engage in a discourse on global peace and healing.

His Holiness Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj has dedicated over 30 years to practicing and meditating in the Himalayas, emerging as a pioneer peace advocate and spiritual guide on inner peace, subconscious mind activation, and holistic well-being. Recognized globally as the first Indian Jain Monk to achieve the distinction of Ambassador of Peace by the United Nations and the Diplomatic Consular from India by the International Parliament of Safety and Peace (UN body). His contributions extend to being a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and receiving the Public Peace Prize Award. His esteemed reputation is further solidified with 9 Guinness World Records and 5 Limca World Records, marking him as a leader in spiritual healing and mindfulness practices.

Energize Your 2024
His Holiness Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj invites the Los Angeles community to energize their 2024 with miraculous energy, spiritual healing, and abundant blessings. His Holiness empowers "Wellness in Every Thing and Every Body." His Holiness's teachings focus on cleansing the mind and body of negativity, fostering genuine well-being, and guiding individuals toward inner tranquility. His transformative workshops, keynotes, and healing sessions have touched lives worldwide.
"Now, more than ever, the world needs a collective effort towards peace and healing. Let us come together to cleanse our minds and bodies, embracing a path of wellness for a harmonious future." - His Holiness Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj

His Holiness is available throughout Southern California until Mid-February:

Keynotes: Illuminate your events with transformative keynotes on inner peace and holistic well-being. with the profound wisdom of His Holiness Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj. Invite him to deliver transformative keynotes on inner peace, mindfulness, and holistic well-being.

Workshops: Experience the depth of His Holiness's teachings through interactive and insightful workshops designed to promote positive transformation.

Healings: Seek spiritual and emotional healing through personalized sessions with His Holiness, offering a unique opportunity for rejuvenation.

Blessings: Receive the blessings of His Holiness for enhanced well-being and spiritual growth.

About Thought Yoga
Thought Yoga, founded by His Holiness Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj, is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting mental health and well-being. Through initiatives, workshops, and campaigns, Thought Yoga aims to create awareness about the importance of mental wellness and provide resources to support individuals on their journey to mental and emotional balance. "In the journey of life, may we all find inner peace, embrace well-being, and radiate positivity to create a harmonious world together." His Holiness Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj

Website: thoughtyoga.com | YouTube: youtube.com/@Thought_Yoga

For media inquiries, interviews, or to schedule an event with His Holiness Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj, please contact:

Media Contact Information
REEM Media
Cristina Trujillo, 833-400-7336

Website: thoughtyoga.com


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Historic Visit: Renowned Wellness Guru His Holiness Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj Brings Healing and Harmony to Los Angeles
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