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Health Benefits Of Onions (Health & Lifestyle)
Nutrients...calcium,magnesium,phosphorus,potassium,beta-carotene,folic acid,quercetin.Health benefits...antiseptic,anti-spasmodic,antibiotic.reduce ...
chetan chopra
Health Benefits Of Mushrooms (Health & Lifestyle)
Nutrients...calcium,iron,magnesium,vitamin B3,vitamin B5,folic acid,zinc.Health benefits...thin the blood,lower cholesterol.support immune function....
chetan chopra
Health Benefits Of Papayas (Health & Lifestyle)
Nutrients....calciummagnesium,potassiumvitamin Cbeta-caroteneHealth benefits....excellent for aiding digestion.anti-parasitic,anti-cancer.soothe intestinal ...
chetan chopra
Health Benefits Of Oranges (Health & Lifestyle)
Nutrients.....calcium,potassium,beta-carotene,folic acid,vitamin C.Health benefits....stimulating, tonifying, cleansing.internal antiseptic.stimulate peristalsi...
chetan chopra
Health Benefits Of Mangoes (Health & Lifestyle)
Nutrients....High in beta-carotene, vitamin C.Health benefits....beneficial for kidneys.combat acidity and poor digestion.good blood cleanser. ...
chetan chopra
Health Benefits Of Grapefruit (Health & Lifestyle)
Nutrients...calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C.Health benefits...Contain salicylic acid, which helps arthritis.Excellent for cardiovascular system.Blood cleansing.Good fo...
chetan chopra
Health Benefits Of Blueberries (Health & Lifestyle)
Nutrients...viamin C, beta-caroteneHealth benefits...LaxativeBlood cleanserImprove circulationBenefit eyesightAntioxidant ...
chetan chopra
Gum Disease (Health & Lifestyle)
What is gum disease? Gum disease or periodontal disease, a chronic inflammation and infection of the gums a...
Dr. Harchand Singh DDS
Tooth decay: a preventable disease (Health & Lifestyle)
What is tooth decay, and what causes it? Tooth decay is the disease known as caries or c...
Dr. Harchand Singh DDS
Sensitive teeth (Health & Lifestyle)
Why are my teeth sensitive? Tooth sensitivity is caused by the stimulation of cells within...
Dr. Harchand Singh DDS
Root Canal Therapy (Health & Lifestyle)
What is a Root Canal? Underneath your tooth’s outer ...
Dr. Harchand Singh DDS
Pregnancy and Oral Health (Women Health)
How does pregnancy affect my oral health? It’s my myth that calcium is lost from the mother’s teeth and “one tooth is lost with every pregnancy.” ...
Dr. Harchand Singh DDS
Pregnancy and Gingivitis (Women Health)
Will pregnancy affect my oral health? Expectant mothers (and women who take some oral contraceptives) experience elevated levels o...
Dr. Harchand Singh DDS
Porcelain veneers: An alternative to crowns (Health & Lifestyle)
What are porcelain veneers? Porcelain veneers are ultra thin shells of ceramic material, which are bonded to the front of teeth. This p...
Dr. Harchand Singh DDS
Oral Piercing (Health & Lifestyle)
So you want to pierce your tongue? Oral piercing can cause pain, swelling, infection, drooling, ...
Dr. Harchand Singh DDS

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