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Kapala means skull and Bhati means light or luster. In this pranayama inhalation is slow and exhalation is vigorous with a split second of retention after each out-breath. How ...
Vasu Reddy
Hala Asana or The Plough Posture is a valuable asana as it has some unique qualities and excellent benefits. It is an extreme forward bending exercise which promotes strength and flexibility in all th...
Vasu Reddy
Dhanur Asana gives a full backward bend to the whole of the spine and all the muscles of the back from the neck to the lower back or lumber region. Bhujanga , Locust and Dhanur forms a series of exer...
Vasu Reddy
Bhujanga or Cobra posture is a popular asana and it is always practiced as the first in a series of backward bending movements. In this asana the spine is arched backward gently promoting flexibility...
Vasu Reddy
Vanilla (Health & Lifestyle)
In Hindi : Vainilla Vanilla is a seed pod of a tropical climbing orchid. The name van...
Turmeric (Health & Lifestyle)
In Hindi : Haldi Turmeric is the dried rhizome of a herbaceous plant. It is ...
Rosemary (Health & Lifestyle)
Rosemary, native of the Mediterranean, is the leaf of a densely branched, small, evergreen aromati...
Pomegranate (Health & Lifestyle)
Pomegranate is the large globes, shiny red berry of a plant that grows as a shrub or as a s...
Pepper (Health & Lifestyle)
Pepper, the king of all spices is considered as the oldest and best known in the world. India is one of
Parsley (Health & Lifestyle)
Parsley is the dried aromatic leaf of a low-growing biennial herb, with dense foliage ...
Onion (Health & Lifestyle)
Onion is a bulb crop produced in India. It is used in plenty and very popular throughout the worl...
Mustard (Health & Lifestyle)
Indigenous to the Mediterranean and Southern Europe, mustard is an erect, multi-branched her...
Mint (Health & Lifestyle)
In Hindi : Pudina Mint is the erect plant with dark green leaves with pleasant flavour. The main species are peppermint, spearmint,
Ginger (Health & Lifestyle)
In Hindi : Adarak Ginger is used since time immemorial. It is a major crop cultivated in ...
Garlic (Health & Lifestyle)
Garlic is a hardy bulbous perennial of the lily family, with narrow flat leaves. It has an attractive flavour and acknowledged medicinal value. It is one of the trinity of flavours along with ginger a...

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