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Historical Event on 10/12/1991

Sonia Gandhi declineed to contest from Amethi.

Other Historical Dates and Events
8/25/1997Neelam J. Singh rewrites her own discussion mark in the domestic circuit meet in Chennai.
8/25/1997Alauddin Khilji captured Chittorhgarh after defeating Rana Bhim Singh. Before the capture, Padmini, the beautiful queen along with several hundred females, had sacrificed herself in fire (Jouhar Pratha). This whole battle was fought due to Padmini.
10/21/1999Madhavrao Scindia becomes the Deputy Leader of Congress (I) in the Lok Sabha.
8/18/1923Jamshed Khudadaad Irani, cricket wicket-keeper for India during the 1947-48 Australia tour, was born in Karachi.
9/13/1996Lok Pal Bill introduced in Lok Sabha.
11/21/1914Ujwala Mazumdar, freedom fighter and member of Bengal Valunteers, was born at Dhaka.
8/11/1997135 persons killed in flash floods in Shimla & Kiannaur districts of Himachal Pradesh.
12/31/1941Milkha Singh Govindsingh Amritsar, cricketer (brother of Kripal Singh, Indian batsman in 4 Tests), was born in Madras.
5/13/2000Lara Dutta (21), who said beauty pageants give women a platform to ''voice our choices and opinions'' is named Miss Universe 2000 in the Cyprus capital Nicosia.
1/1/1950Inauguration of National Chemical Laboratory at Mumbai.