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Historical Event on 6/22/1959

Iyengar Kasturi Srinivas, great politician and journalist, passed away.

Other Historical Dates and Events
3/22/1961Jual Teria Dilga Oram was born in Kendudihi, Distt. Sundargarh (Orissa).
1/24/1957Kagaz Ke Phool, the first Indian black and white cinemascope film, was made.
5/26/1998S. Chandrasekar, scientist, was selected for the Niels Bohr-UNESCO gold medal.
3/3/1996Haryana govt. bans liquor vends and bars in rural areas.
6/13/1909E. M. S. Namboodiripad was born in Palghat in Kerala.
1/1/1981This year was announced to be observed as the ""International Year for the Disabled"".
3/3/1906Trailokyanath Goswami, famous Hindi writer and educationist, was born at Nalbari, Assam .
7/3/1975Virendrakishor Roy Chaudhary, famous music director, passed away.
1/1/1903Sen also produced the first publicity films of India--""Jaba Kusum Hair Oil'' and ''Edward's Anti-malaria Specific''. He also filmed the celebrations of the Coronation of King Edward VII at Calcutta.
1/24/1958First international Film Festival started in Mumbai.