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Historical Event on 5/27/1930

Jayaprakash Narayan, Labour Research Cell, arrested after Dandi March.

Other Historical Dates and Events
2/6/1932Veena Das, revolutionary freedom fighter, shot Stenly Jackson, Governor of Calcutta at the convocation ceremony of B.A. degree, but Jackson was afraid and bend down, thus the aim was missed.
9/1/1947Indian Standard Time was adopted.
2/11/1933First edition of weekly ""Harijan"" edited by Mahatma Gandhi was published from Pune in English and Hindi.
2/21/1995The plan outlay for Andhra Pradesh for 1995-96 fixed at Rs. 3.159 crores.
8/25/1996194 pilgrims die of cold at the cave temples of Amarnath .
7/15/1917Tukaram Tanaji Sawant, educationist and famous Hindi writer, was born at Pokharam, (Maharashtra).
9/17/1937Sitakant Mahapatra, 1933 Gyanpeeth awardee and famous Orria poet, was born.
8/13/1954Nehru says dispute over Portuguese colonies in India must be settled peacefully.
5/22/1917Suniti Chaudhary, revolutionary freedom fighter, was born at Kumilla. She was one of the accused in the famous Chargaon ammunition plot and assassination of General Lemen, Inspector General of Dhaka.
4/23/1955Political Committee of Asian-African Conference at Bandung adopted an Indian resolution calling for a ban on atomic weapons.