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Historical Event on 3/21/1997

Geet Sethi regains Gold Flake Open billiards in Chennai.

Other Historical Dates and Events
1/2/1932Sant Harchand Singh Longowal, famous Ragi and reluctant politician, was born in Sangrur's backward Gadarhiani village.
2/20/1999Mr. Vajpayee travels to Lahore on the inaugural run of the bus between New Delhi and Lahore.
5/12/1999Arunachal Pradesh Governor refuses to quit.
7/1/1821Daily newspaper 'Mumbai Samachar' was published.
7/21/1907Gulam Mohamad Bakshi, former Prime Minister Jammu and Kashmir, was born.
7/31/1985Lalit Maken, Congress (I) M.P, his wife and a visitor at their residence in Delhi were shot down by terrorists.
6/27/1995Environmentalist and 'Chipko' leader, Shri Sunderlal Bahuguna ends the 49-day old fast in demand for a scientific review of the controversial Tehri dam project in UP.
9/2/1946Pratham Chaudhary (Birbal), modern Bengali poet and critic, passed away.
2/14/1924Ikramullah (Ikram Sagri) Khan, famous Hindi poet, was born at Rehli in Madhya Pradesh.
2/28/1930Sir Chandrasekhar V. Raman, Scientist, 1930 Nobel Prize in Physics for discovering ""Raman Effect"". He is also the first Indian to receive this honor in Physics, The Indian Nobel Laureates.