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Historical Event on 2/24/1988

Prithvi, India's first Indigenously designed surface-to-surface tactical missile of 250km, was successfully test fired from Sriharikota. India becomes the fifth country to develop such a missile.

Other Historical Dates and Events
1/16/1997Dr. Datta Samant, Trade Union leader, shot dead in Mumbai.
1/15/1887Shri Tripuraneni Ramaswamy Chowdary, freedom fighter and a great native poet, was born in village Angaluru, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh.
12/27/1992The Central government decides to acquire the disputed area in Ayodhya.
4/2/1926The worst Hindu-Muslim riots break out in Calcutta.
3/5/1948C. Rajagopalachari appointed the first Indian Governor General to succeed Lord Mountbatten on 21 June.
12/23/1926Swami Shradhanand, great revolutionary freedom fighter, social worker and politician, was assassinated by a revolver shot that was fired by a young Muslim Abdul Rashid.
8/18/1956Sandeep Madhusudan Patil, great Indian batsman, was born in Bombay.
3/29/1998The new govt. wins the vote of confidence in the Lok Sabha.
7/26/1994Government rejects JPC report on securities scandal.
5/9/1907Two thousand dacoits riot in eastern Bengal.