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Historical Event on 2/5/2000

A.B. Vajpayee, Prime Minister, defends the Gujarat Government's order lifting the ban on Government employees from participating in RSS activities.

Other Historical Dates and Events
8/2/198432 people died in a bomb explosion at Meenambakkam Airport.
9/24/1932Poona Pact' was signed between Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. This historical agreement allowed increased representation for untouchables. Also, Gandhi ended his fast.
10/28/1996L.K. Advani, BJP President, appears personally for the first time in a Gwalior Court.
9/1/1999The Congress(I) President, Ms. Sonia Gandhi, launches a broadside against the Vajpayee Government on handling of Kargil issue.
10/14/199210 Indians sentenced to six years in jail in the UAE on account of staging a play in Sharjah.
12/6/1892Rukmini Lakshmipathi, great social reformer and leader, was born at Madurai.
7/19/1998The INSAT-2C satellite suffers ``disorientation'' - loss of earth lock - briefly.
6/15/1988Dalai Lama recoganised the rights of China in foreign affairs and Army Operations in Tibet region.
1/28/1865Lala Lajpat Rai 'Punjab Kesari', great valiant freedom fighter, social reformer, humanitarian and lawyer, was born in Dhudike village of Ferozepur district, Punjab.
12/3/1889Khudiram Bose, famous revolutionary and freedom fighter of Muzaffarpur Bomb Case, was born at Habibpur village, West Bengal.