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Indian Baby Names  of Boys  Starting with Letter V

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Boy Names that start with V

My Favorite Name Meaning Edit/Add Meaning
VIRAV Edit/Add
vigneswar Edit/Add
vishhvaksenan lord ganesha Edit/Add
Viditaash One of the Sun's thousand name Edit/Add
Vipul Abundant Edit/Add
Vir Brave Edit/Add
Viraaj King Edit/Add
Virabhadra Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Viraj Sun Edit/Add
Viral Precious Edit/Add
Viranath Lord of the brave Edit/Add
Virat Massive Edit/Add
Virendra Lord of the heroes Edit/Add
Viresh Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vireshvar Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Virikvas Lord Indra Edit/Add
Virinchi Brahma Edit/Add
Virochan Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Virom Edit/Add
Virurch The Holy trinity Edit/Add
Visamaksh Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vishakh Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vishal Huge Edit/Add
Vishalaksh Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Visham Edit/Add
Vishantak Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vishaq Edit/Add
Vishatan Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vishesh Special Edit/Add
Vishnahpu Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vishnu A Hindu God Edit/Add
Vishnu Siddarth Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vishnudev God Edit/Add
Vishodhan Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vishresh The Holy trinity Edit/Add
Vishrut Edit/Add
Vishtasp Edit/Add
Vishvadev Lord of the universe Edit/Add
Vishvadhar Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vishvag Lord Brahma Edit/Add
Vishvahetu Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vishvajit Conqueror of the world Edit/Add
Vishvaksen Lord Vishnu's names Edit/Add
Vishvamitra A sage Edit/Add
Vishvanabh Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vishvanath Lord of the universe Edit/Add
Vishvaretas Lord Brahma; Vishnu Edit/Add
Vishvas Faith Edit/Add
Visveshwaran Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vitabhay Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vitaharya Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Vitola Peaceful Edit/Add
Vittesh Lord of wealth Edit/Add
Vitthal Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vivan Edit/Add
Vivash Bright Edit/Add
Vivek Intellect Edit/Add
Vrajalal Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Vrajesh Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Vrajkishore Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Vrajmohan Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Vrajraj Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Vratesh Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vriksh Edit/Add
Vrisa Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Vrisag Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vrisan Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vrisangan Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vrisapati Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vrishab Excellent Edit/Add
Vrishabh Edit/Add
Vrishak Another name of Vishnu Edit/Add
Vrishank Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vrisini Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vrushik Edit/Add
Vrushket Son of Karna Edit/Add
Vyan Air Edit/Add
Vyas Sage who wrote Mahabharat Edit/Add
Vyoman Sky Edit/Add
Vyomdev Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vyomesh Lord of the sky Edit/Add
Vyshakh Vyshakh Edit/Add
Vyshnav Edit/Add
Vasavaj Son of Indra Edit/Add
Vasavi Son of Indra Edit/Add
Vashita One who hypnotises by her virtues Edit/Add
Vasu Wealth Edit/Add
Vasudev Lord Krishna's father Edit/Add
Vasumat Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Vasupati Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Vasur Precious Edit/Add
Vasuroop Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vatatmaj Lord Hanuman Edit/Add
Vatsa Son Edit/Add
Vatsal Love; Affection Edit/Add
Vatsapal Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Vatsin Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vayu Lord Hanuman Edit/Add
Vayujat Lord Hanuman Edit/Add
Vayun Lively Edit/Add
Vayunand Lord Hanuman Edit/Add
Vayya Friend Edit/Add
Ved Edit/Add
Ved Well Known Edit/Add
Vedaant The scriptures Edit/Add
Vedamohan Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Vedang From the Vedas Edit/Add
Vedant Hindu philosophy Edit/Add
Vedatman Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vedesh Lord of Vedas Edit/Add
Veekshith Edit/Add
Velan Lord Shiva's son Edit/Add
Venavir Lord Shiva's son Edit/Add
Venkat Lord Vishnu; Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Venkataraman Edit/Add
Venkatesh Lord Vishnu; Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Viamrsh Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vibhaas Shinning Edit/Add
Vibhav Edit/Add
Vibhavasu Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Vibhor Ecstatic Edit/Add
Vibhumat Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Vibhusnu Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vibhut Strong Edit/Add
Vibodh Wise Edit/Add
Videep Edit/Add
Vidhatru Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vidhesh Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vidhu Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vidhyadhar Full of Knowledge Edit/Add
Vidip Bright Edit/Add
Vidit Edit/Add
Vidojas Lord Indra Edit/Add
Vidur Part of the Kaurav kingdom Edit/Add
Vidvatam Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vidyanand One who enjoy's learning (Ganesh) Edit/Add
Vidyut Brilliant; Lightening Edit/Add
Vighnajit Lord Ganesh Edit/Add
Vighnesh Lord Ganesh Edit/Add
Vigrah Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vihaan Morning; Dawn Edit/Add
Vihang A bird Edit/Add
Vihari Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Vijay Victory Edit/Add
Vijayant Lord Indra Edit/Add
Vijayendra God of victory Edit/Add
Vijayesh Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vijender God of bravery Edit/Add
Vijval Intelligent Edit/Add
Vikarnan Son of Dhritrashtra Edit/Add
Vikas Progress Edit/Add
Vikhyath Fame Edit/Add
Vikil Edit/Add
Vikram Lord Shiva; Record Edit/Add
Vikramin Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vikrant Brave Edit/Add
Viksar Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vikunth Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vilas Coolness Edit/Add
Vilohit Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vimal Clean Edit/Add
Vimesh Edit/Add
Vimridh Lord Indra Edit/Add
Vinahast Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vinay Humility Edit/Add
Vinayak Lord Ganesh Edit/Add
Vineet Knowledgeable Edit/Add
Vineeth Edit/Add
Vinesh Godly Edit/Add
Vinil Blue Edit/Add
Vinit Edit/Add
Vinochan Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vinod Pleasant Edit/Add
Vinoo To spread in different directions Edit/Add
Vinoth Pleasing Edit/Add
Vipaschit Lord Buddha Edit/Add
Vipin Forest Edit/Add
Vibhu Sun Edit/Add
Vignesh Remover of obstacles Edit/Add
Vijayarathna Significant among victorious Edit/Add
Vikern Errorless Edit/Add
Virbhanu Very strong Edit/Add
Vishwas Trust Edit/Add
Visruta Pure clean Edit/Add
Vachaspati Lord of speech Edit/Add
Vadin Edit/Add
Vadish Lord of the body Edit/Add
Vagindra Lord of speech Edit/Add
Vagish Lord Brahma Edit/Add
Vahin Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vaibhav Glorious; Powerful; Prosperity Edit/Add
Vaijayi Victor Edit/Add
Vaikartan Name of Karna Edit/Add
Vaikhan Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Vaikunth Abode of Vishnu Edit/Add
Vainavin Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vairaj Spiritual glory Edit/Add
Vairat Gem Edit/Add
Vairinchya Lord Brahma's son Edit/Add
Vairochan Lord Vishnu's son Edit/Add
Vaishvik Belonging to the world Edit/Add
Vajasani Lord Vishnu's son Edit/Add
Vajendra Lord Indra Edit/Add
Vajradhar Lord Indra Edit/Add
Vajrahast Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vajrajit Lord Indra Edit/Add
Vajraksha Edit/Add
Vajrin Lord Indra Edit/Add
Vakrabhuj Lord Ganesh Edit/Add
Valentina Strong Edit/Add
Vallabh Most loved Edit/Add
Valmiki Saint who wrote Ramayan Edit/Add
Vama Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vamadev Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vanad Cloud Edit/Add
Vanadev Lord of the forest Edit/Add
Vanamalin Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Vanij Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vanraj King of forest Edit/Add
Vansh Coming Generation of father Edit/Add
Vanshya Edit/Add
Vansidhar Lord Krishna Edit/Add
Varad God of fire Edit/Add
Varadraj Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Varana Holy river Edit/Add
Vardhan Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Varesh Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Vareshvar Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Varin Gifts Edit/Add
Varindra Lord of all Edit/Add
Varish Lord Vishnu Edit/Add
Variyas Lord Shiva Edit/Add
Varnit Varn Edit/Add
Varshil Edit/Add
Varun Wind; Lord of water ; air Edit/Add
Varunesh Lord of water Edit/Add
Vasant Season; Spring Edit/Add
Vasav Lord Indra Edit/Add

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